Learning and Development of Expertise in Engineering Higher Education (LEAD)

The LEAD research group studies factors related to teaching, learning and development of expertise in the formal (higher education) and informal (working life) contexts in the area of engineering. The research is based on the socio-constructivist theory of learning, where communities and factors related to regulation of learning are strongly connected to the development of expertise. LEAD is part of the Novi research center in the Industrial and Information Management Laboratory at the Tampere University of Technology.

Research themes

  • Professional growth and development of professional and vocational expertise and excellence in changing working and learning environments
  • The role of emotions in different learning situations and environments
  • Active learning methods, pedagogical usability, learning analytics
  • Social media and professional growth
  • Application of Bayesian statistics in mixed-methods research.

LEAD’s new research-line Regulation of learning and active learning methods in the context of engineering education (REALMEE) looks at how the regulation of learning and various active learning methods are related to the holistic development of competencies among engineering students throughout their university lives.

Research environment

Tampere University of Technology (TUT) is located in Tampere, the second largest urban center in Finland, 170 km north of the capital Helsinki. TUT Campus is a community of 10,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students and close to 2,000 employees. TUT is ranked among the Top 30 new universities (under 50 years) worldwide. The distinctive strength of TUT is in the interaction between basic and applied research. This research is conducted in an innovative environment of the Industrial and Information Management Laboratory, which has a diversity of research groups with ca. 100 people working in research on knowledge, cost and safety management, and business ecosystems.

Research group

Professor Petri Nokelainen

MA Susanna Hartikainen, MA Eija Lehtonen, MA Timo Nevalainen, PhD Sonja Niiranen, MA Heta Rintala, ME Alpo Salmisto