NeMo & MAE research projects

The Next Move (NeMo) research project (2014–17) investigates the dynamics of professional growth and the role of intrinsic characteristics (e.g., regulation of learning) and extrinsic conditions (e.g., educational institutions, working environments and global working life) in vocational competence development. Professional growth refers to the learning process throughout one’s entire career, in which an individual embraces the skills needed to respond to changing skills requirements. The aim of this research is to explore and enhance the professional development, work-based learning environment, and global networking in the context of apprenticeship education of vocational students, teachers, and working-life stakeholders.

The Next Move 2 (NeMo2) research project (2017–19) continues this research, focusing on vocational expertise, working life skills, and workplaces as learning environments in the context of apprenticeship education. It seeks to gain insights into vocational teachers’ working life skills, the pedagogy of workplace learning, and apprentices’ development of vocational expertise. The Mentoring in Apprenticeship Education (MAE) research project (2015–17) has a special focus on guidance in the workplace. The aim of this study is to form a holistic view on guidance at the workplace and to investigate factors that support and hinder guidance at the workplace.

These research projects are carried out at the Faculty of Education, University of Tampere, and at the Laboratory of Industrial and Information Management, Tampere University of Technology. The research projects are funded by the Apprenticeship Fund, City of Tampere.

Recent publications:

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  • Pylväs, L., Nokelainen P., Rintala, H., (2017). Apprenticeship Training Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Vocational Expertise and Experiences of Workplace Learning and Guidance. Manuscript in review.
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