Other projects


The aim of the ASOS project (Demonstration of Expertise in Specialization Education, 2015-2017) was to create a research-based model on how to recognize expertise in post-experience education in Finland. The research focused on the assessment of expertise and expert learning in the new specialization education programmes in Finland. Specialization education aims to promote professional development and specialization, and is offered to those who have graduated from higher education and who already have prior work experience. The studies are carried out in close collaboration between HE institutions and the working life. As a result of the project, an online handbook on the recognition of expertise was created: Asiantuntijuuden osoittaminen erikoistumiskoulutuksissa (in Finnish).

The project was funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and it was operated in collaboration with University of Turku, Finland.


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  • Mikkonen, S., Nokelainen, P. (2017). Työelämäyhteistyö erikoistumiskoulutuksissa syntyvän osaamisen osoittamisessa ja arvioinnissa (“Learning assessment through higher education and working life partnership”). Manuscript in preparation.